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Surprisingly, this is where to start! This module introduces the Game of Intimacy Coaching Program, guides you on how to make the most of the program according to where you fall on the Intimacy Quadrant and fills you in on how to access mentoring and peer support.



1. Identify The Power In You

The people most successful in reengaging with their partner are those who take the time to really identify the power withinh them. This power comes from the knowledge of how they operate, the involvement of their brain in their experience of negative emotion, and the realization that all emotions that they feel ARE THEIR OWN FEELING. This is the module where you learn that other people don’t make you feel anything – you are responsible for your own emotion. You are the only person who feels them – and only you can change the way you feel. This is the powerful bit. You don’t have to wait for someone else to behave differently for you to feel better.


2. You Make Me Feel So Bad

Mastery of this module is absolutely essential. If you rush this module you will be setting yourself up to fail. The reason is…every decision you make in the rest of the program is based on the decisions you make while working through and understanding your “Emotional Style”. Learn to identify the problems – what are the things that upset you the most in your relationship? Who’s to blame for the way you feel? How do you process your emotion and unresolved hurts? Tune in to your physical sensations and use tools to manage the different intensities of emotion you feel..


3. Get In The Mood

What emotions do you feel most often? Why? What’s their cause? All emotion or behavior arises from events that are appraised by you to generate a response. The mood you create for yourself arises from your self-interaction. You alone are responsible for your emotion or behavior. EAR-Identity helps you to adjust your mood to the one you require to ‘Romance Your Soulmate’. You will “get in the mood” by checking your appraisals, managing your inner voice, unpacking your negative jigsaw, and being clear where you are in the change process. Applying EAR-Identity you will use laser-focused concentration to “flick-the-switch” and match your mood to the situation or to your partner’s emotional experience.


4. RYS – Overview

The romance is back! This short module gives you an overview of the Romance your Soulmate model and the chemistry of attraction. It also includes your 4 invaluable E-Books.

  • EmotionMatters. How To Reduce Your Stress and Achieve Wellness
  • Surviving Life Dramas. How To Stop Whining and Start Living.
  • How To Handle Difficult Behavior – And It May Be Your Own
  • Emotional Leadership. Using Emotionally Intelligent Behaviour To Enjoy A Life of EASE.

5. RYS 1 – Flirting

This module covers in detail why relationships fail and how to love your partner in a way that is meaningful to him or her. Flirting is a really exciting time in any relationship. You show the very best of yourself to your partner and you see your partner through rose colored glasses. We know this fabulous time doesn’t last forever in a long-term relationship. However, this attraction is a very important part of getting to know you again in a disconnected relationship.

Back To Our Place

6. RYS 2 – Back To Our Place

OK, we’re moving into some unresolved issues here and we’re going back to our place to do some serious talking.

Never fear. This module shows you a communication model, how to communicate effectively, and how to listen and then respond properly. We have added a helping model of communication skills.


7. RYS 3 – Courting

In this module you get to reexamine what brought you together in the first place – what lit the flame between you? For example, your partner’s values, attitudes or the way you were treated then. Using the ‘relationship cycle’ discover why you feel so disconnected. Learn how men and women really are different in the way they communicate and about the things that turn them on.


8. RYS 4 – Romance

This module is designed to get you thinking about different things you could do to recreate intimacy with your partner. This may be emotional, intellectual, sexual, or recreational intimacy (doing things together for enjoyment). Be sure to use the 6 caring habits, rather than the 6 deadly habits to romance your soulmate.


8. RYS 5 – Commitment

Now we’re talking choices and no-lose decisions.

In this module we build on your growing awareness of the importance of your input into the relationship instead of waiting for your partner to be different. Whilst mistakes can be made and partners often feel hurt, you can still make a choice to commit to the relationship and work to make it better.


10. Difficult People

Most of us think that all people see the world “the same way that I do”. This misinterpretation often leads to frustration and conflict and, because we operate differently to our partner or to people around us, we do get caught up in this conflict. We fight and become distressed so much about the differences that we lose sight of the things we actually still do have in common. Read more . . .


11. Recognizing Depression

Being depressed is like living under a black cloud that never lifts where all joy and hope is gone. Nothing is fun and nothing means anything. Your emotions are dulled and you can’t respond normally to the people who love and care about you. It is important to make the distinction between sadness and depression – it is rare for normal sadness to lead to depression. Relentless stress can lead to depression due to the ongoing accumulation of the stress chemical adrenalin in your body. Read more . . . 

Game of Intimacy

12. How To Win In The Game of Intimacy

Now you have your framework for being reengaged with your partner. In this section you will learn even more about what you can do differently through awareness and intention. For example, not take things personally, get along with difficult people, deal with jealousy, manage conflict, and close off all exits (habitually threatening to leave as the solution to your problem of a disconnected relationship).


Game of Intimacy Mastery – Bonus Modules

Here are your three free Bonus Modules . . .

Adult ADD Mastery is designed to cover one critical area of personal and relationship development and give you hands on exposure to some of the more difficult areas of human behavior when living with and healing your relationship with an adult ADD. Also watch all Karen’s live training seminars in full.


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