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“Helping Successful Leaders Become Even Better

Through Applying Emotional Intelligence”

Discover How to Fix One Behavior To Get You from
Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

. . . .


“In working with Mike Gosling over the course of a year I was able to stop an annoying habit that I barely knew was occurring but which was turning people off me. Now I’m back in control of my emotions and the emotions of others, my salary went up, and I’ve taken on new assignments with relish.”

– COO, Brand Maker, Singapore.

What can you do to engage yourself? Are you an aware, positive, motivated, upbeat and enthusiastic person or are you negative, bitter, angry and cynical about life? What can you do to engage yourself …

… Are you ready to make a difference and change one or two behaviors holding you back from where you want to be? Emotion Mastery has helped many clients around the world fix what’s on the inside … It will help you engage with yourself and become a better leader.

Welcome To Emotion Mastery Coaching

Dear Friend,

Welcome, I’m so glad you are here!

You’re about to discover how you can tap into your unique emotional intelligence abilities and emotional skills and become and even better leader …

… And this is very exciting for various reasons, because chances are you’ve got one of two faulty interpersonal leadership behaviors, everyday glaring annoyances, that make your workplace or home environment substantially more noxious that they need to be. These small flaws may be sabotaging an otherwise golden career, holding you back from where you want to go, or creating havoc in your personal and business relationships.

They can include:


Making destructive “put down” comments – The needless sarcasm and cutting remarks that come from our incorrect perceptions of people and situations that we think make us sharp and witty.


Playing the endless psychological games – The overuse of negative qualifiers, such as, “No,” “But, ” or “However” which secretly say to others, “I’m right. You’re wrong.”


Negativity and the need to “butt-in” to explain your perspective of why something won’t work, even when you weren’t asked. Perhaps you blow-up with frustration that others don’t know what you know.


Fear of being criticized and fear you will be “found out” – that you don’t really have the skills required of the job – which may lead to you losing your job and security.


Lack of emotional self-control and poor listening and management of others’ emotions, especially when your own expectations are not met.


The use of emotional volatility as a management tool. You don’t suffer fools glady (you become angry with people you think are stupid).

mikegosling My name is Dr. Mike Gosling. I completed my Ph.D. researching the emotional intelligence of managers in Singapore. I’ve been helping successful leaders become even better by applying their emotional intelligence and understanding their emotional brain for more than 17 years!  You may know me from my workshops, webinars, books, international speaking, but if you don’t that’s ok.

You see, I have a passion for helping others apply their emotional intelligence.

I teach how your emotions will get you to your goal using my emotional leader technologies and Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder centered coaching. When you complete my Emotion Mastery coaching program you will have become unconsciously skilled in in emotions – empowered to grow without limits with ongoing success and influence in your family and work place relationships.

My wife, Karen, and I are the founders of Gosling International coaching and counseling clinics in Australia and South East Asia, where we have consulted with more than 5,500 clients from 83 nationalities world wide, created the online Emotion Matters Community, run numerous workshops, spoken at countless events, written five books on emotional leadership and self-improvement, created 26 DVD/CD self-development products, and have traveled the world …. and some of that was cramped in a camper van travelling around Europe and the UK – now THAT really tested our relationship skills! But enough about us.

My target audience is the huge number of people who are successful in their own minds but want to be even more successful

I train people to behave effectively in the workplace by enrolling them in a simple but brutal regime.

In life there are only two kinds of people: Those who are players and those who play at it. And I like to play with players.

When the players I’ve personally coached start acting with my emotional leadership habits, they normally shoot WAY PAST what they thought was their potential.

These people are what I call Emotional Leaders. The only question now, is. . . Will you be one of them?

To be a player you will …

First complete 3 online emotional intelligence tests to assess your emotional skills and receive 3 development reports.

Then you complete an online employee motivational assessment comprising a core list of individual motivational drives and receive your development report.

Next review a one-hour online introduction to the coaching program, emotional intelligence constructs, and how emotion can influence intelligence to develop emotional intelligence practice.

Next I confront you with what your assessments say about you and help you make sense of them in a 1-hour Skype call. I follow this up with a personalized written report.

You then complete 8 Emotional Leadership Habits modules in my online resource center, EmotionMatters.com.

Then I help you identify 1 or 2 behaviours you want to change to be more successful through the Emotion Mastery coaching process in 4 x 1 hour one-on-one Skype coaching sessions scheduled over 8 weeks. Once these behaviors for change are identified you can use these resources to begin to change what’s on the inside.

I help you develop emotional awareness by granting you free access to all our online Game of Intimacy modules filled with EmotionMatters fact sheets, counselling case studies, Q&A, and emotional health training videos.

Finally, in a 1-hour Post-Program FeedForward Session, you review and evaluate the coaching program and plan further action steps. This reinforcement session is the final part of your Emotion Mastery Coaching program and is to help you identify areas in which you may have improved or not improved your emotional intelligence and why.

Bonus: As an integral part of this program, I teach leaders the Involving Stakeholders 7-Step Process that I learned from my mentor, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith who is recognized as one of the top ten Most Influential Management Thinkers in the World and the top-ranked executive coach. This process is an introduction into my extended year-long Executive Coaching programs.

Would these changes benefit you, your team, or your family members? What if you could be free of annoying behaviors imagine how much more you could achieve! I’m here to help you become a better leader. This program is aimed at anyone who wants to get better – at work, at home, or any other venue.

If I can help you consider the possibility that, despite your demonstrable success and healthy self-esteem;

  • you may not be as good as you think you are
  • that all of us have parts in our behavioral makeup that are cluttered
  • and that these cluttered parts can be identified and cleaned up

then I can leave the world – and your world – a slightly better place than I found it.

All you have to do is stop thinking that your past success is predictive of great things in the future. These beliefs are not necessarily a bad thing, but they can become a liability when you need to change. Recognizing a need to change annoying behaviors and their negative impact on others, and taking the necessary steps to fix them, will have gained you more time to accomplish all your goals in life with ease!

Now is the time to take you to the
next level of Emotion Mastery . . .

Emotion Mastery is centered on a systematic assessment and coaching process to develop and apply your emotional intelligence and emotional brain to build right leadership behavior. As a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach I also employ their extensive resources to compliment my own resources to help you change your ways.

In his book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Marshall taught me that the only natural law he’s witnessed in three decades of observing successful people’s efforts to become more successful is this:

People will do something – including changing their behavior – only if it can be demonstrated that doing so is in their own best interests as defined by their own values.

It’s not easy to get successful people to change their ways…

Marshall points out that without the natural law, getting people to mend their ways would be impossible. For example, he says (p. 30) this is because successful people have very few reasons to change their behavior:

  • Their success has showered them with positive reinforcement, so they feel it’s smart to continue doing what they’ve always done.
  • Their past behavior confirms that the future is equally bright. (I did it this way before. Look how far it’s gotten me.)
  • Then there’s the arrogance, the feeling that “I can do anything” which develops and bulges like a well-exercises muscle in successful people, especially after an impressive string of successes.
  • Then there’s the protective shell that successful people develop over time which whispers to them, “You are right. Everyone else is wrong.”

These are very difficult defence mechanisms to overcome when trying to convince you the benefits of Emotion Mastery.

The Benefits To You of Emotion Mastery Coaching

The benefits to you of completeing the Emotion Mastery program will guided by your self-interest. It will be different for each person. The standard payoffs for success can be boiled down to four items: money, power, status, and popularity.

It would be bold of me to say that on completion of Emotion Mastery you will have all four!

The efficacy of Emotion Mastery is evaluated against leadership and business outcomes. The benefits of coaching are often couched in terms of whether the leader feels that the process contributes both to an organizations bottom line and to “making a difference” as a leader in the organization.

My belief is that emotion affects everything in life; they rule over much of what we do and most human behavior is limited by restricted awareness. You see, everything you do in life is about how you feel about what happens to you. If you’re feeling great, congratulations – that’s a non-problem status. If you’re feeling poorly, and others are being impacted negatively by your behavior, then that affects them and you. You can be the most highly qualified engineer, accountant, manager, doctor, or crane driver but be completely unaware of how your behavior impacts on those around you in the workplace and at home.

The impact that emotions have on leadership needs to be addressed with some urgency. Leadership theories agree that successful leaders need physical fitness, energy, self-awareness, intuition, creativity, vision, authority, and strategic direction. What seems to be missing from established leadership theories is integration of the emotional component.

Emotion Mastery goes some way to addressing this gap in leadership training. The benefits to the successful leader will depend upon whether they are committed to boosting their emotional skills to become even better, to crank up their employee engagement and promotion of their vision.

Access to the online EmotionMatters Community will benefit the leader through the following resources:

  • 8 Emotion Mastery Coaching Modules
  • The Emotional Leader Program Coaching Manual (676 Pages)
  • 6 x 1-Hour Skype Consultations with Dr. Mike Gosling
  • 3 x Emotional Intelligence Assessment with Personalized Reports
  • 1 x Employee Motivational Assessment with a Personalized Report
  • 5 Dimension – Game of Intimacy Coaching program, including:
    • 103 EmotionMatters Fact Sheets
    • 38 Counseling Case Studies
    • 58 Ask The Goslings Q&A
    • 4 EBooks by Karen & Mike Gosling
    • 17 Member Download EBooks
    • Emotional Health Interviews with Health Professionals
    • Special Reports Library
    • Relaxation Audios
    • Mike’s AsiaPacific Kitchen Recipes
    • e-Changes! – EmotionMatters Monthly Newsletter
    • 12 x 1-Hour Surviving Life Dramas Training Videos
    • 6 x 1-Hour How To Handle Difficult Behavior Training Videos
    • 6 x 1-Hour Adult ADD Training Videos
  • PLUS 4 Bonus Modules:
    • Adult ADD Mastery – 6 modules
    • How To Handle Difficult People – 6 modules
    • Recognizing Depression – 5 modules
    • Trauma of Betrayal – 8 modules
  • Personal one-on-one support by Founders – Dr. Mike and Karen Gosling via Member Discussion Forum, Facebook Group, and limited email (Priceless)
  • Total Value $24,751


Imagine being more confident and in control – without always trying to prove you are not a failure and without anxiety over your performance as CEO.


Imagine processing your emotions more effectively to help you articulate your views so that issues can be resolved in an amicable and timely manner.


Imagine developing an accurate self-image and adequate self confidence to improve your relationships with colleagues in the workplace.


Imagine being able to not lash out quickly at criticism, but deal with it constructively – whether you agree or not.


Imagine expressing negative emotions appropriately and assertively – using your emotional style.

Well, in Game of Intimacy Coaching, at EmotionMatters Community, our members have access to the very best, highest quality, most trustworthy resources – resources you can count on to get you “unstuck” and to maximize your time and talents.

Stop Putting Off Changing Your Ways … You’ve Just Got To Go On And Do It!

For many people, executive coaching is like dieting. Everyone claims to have the solution to losing weight quickly. You try one diet  after another and maybe you lose some weight, but as soon as you go off the diet, you gain the weight right back. Nobody loses weight because you buy a diet book. You’ve actually got to go on a diet!

It’s the same way with Executive Coaching – you’ve probably heard lots of pitches about how to change your personal habits or how to achieve a good work-life balance. And, maybe these have worked for a little while, but eventually it became just too much trouble and the results were disappointing. You’ve actually got to go on the right program!

Here are case studies of problems
3 people had and how they were helped by
Emotion Mastery Coaching:

Case Study 1:

Esther, COO of a Branding company, came up with two behaviors she wanted to change:

  1. To process emotions more effectively to help her articulate her views so that issues could be resolved in an amicable and timely manner.
  2. To develop communication skills that would assist her to build long-term trust in her relationships with staff to better help them with personal and/or client issues.

Emotion Mastery Solution:

Emotional intelligence testing showed that Esther was able to enjoy her relationships with others and was likely quite skilled at establishing relationships that feel good to others as well.
She had a strong commitment to obey laws and rules, although didn’t always feel it is necessary to do so.  Were she to improve her empathy skills, her willingness to devote yourself more intensely to the group might grow as a natural result. Esther sometimes had difficulty controlling her anger and needed to evaluate the correspondence between what she experienced (subjective) and what in reality existed (objective) and to become more open-minded. She also needed to promote a more positive outlook on life, which could be impairing functioning.


Esther decided to focus on interpersonal emotional skills building and managing stress. The fact that her Emotional Self-Awareness and Assertiveness scores weree high was a big help. Such strong intrapersonal skills were highly useful when she tried out new ways of thinking about emotions that were necessary in developing better awareness of emotions in others. She improved her ability to recognize emotions in faces and her environment and became better able to empathise with the feelings of others. Esther also moved from needing to improve emotions management and emotional relations to being competent in these abilities.

Case Study 2:

Greg, a VP Marketing, chose to focus on two skills areas:

  1. To develop an accurate self-image and adequate self confidence to improve his relationships with colleagues.
  2. To pay close attention to the way that others, particularly peers and direct reports, feel about issues at work, and demonstrate that he has considered those feelings.

Emotion Mastery Solution:

Greg believed that building these skills would create a foundation that would make it easier to tackle other issues that may arise. The fact that his adaptability score was above average and his ability to perceive and use emotions score was solid, was a big help. Such strong competencies and abilities were highly useful when he tried out new ways of thinking about emotions that were necessary in developing better awareness of his emotions.


Greg’s final reports suggested someone caught in the being of emotion and not in the doing. His ability to generate authentic empathy seemed to not be expressed or communicated as well as it could have been to his direct reports. Combined with his own perceived lowered competency to self-manage and control his own emotions he felt frustrated internally and tended to suppress or ruminate on things when he perceivde that others cannot see what he saw. Greg was very much in emotions but struggled sometimes to manage emotion in himself and others, as perceived by his direct reports. On the other hand, and most noteworthy, his manager and peers experienced him as competent in these areas.
In general, he and his colleagues agreed that he had made huge improvements to his competency to recognize, express, reason with, and manage emotions and they viewed him as a person who has above average skills in these areas. Both Greg and his direct reports saw emotional expression, self-management, and self-control as important areas for ongoing work.

Case Study 3:

The skill Brian, a senior executive in the resource sector, wanted to improve first was Emotional Self Control (his interactions with others), with a secondary emphasis on improving his overall Emotional Self Management. Included in this was his desire to improve his ability to form better working relationships; to communicate better by listening more before reacting; to become more comfortable in working with larger and more disparate teams; and to better understand others intentions and perspectives.

Emotion Mastery Solution:

After a highly successful career, Brian now found himself in a leadership position with the possibility of a job transfer with significant challenges. He agreed that improved emotional skills would help him manage better his relations with key existing and future staff hires, run his team as a business within a business, coach and influence direct reports, and be recognized within the company for his achievements. Emotional intelligence testing showed Brian clearly had some solid EI factors, including adequate self-esteem and was in touch with his feelings. He need to develop in certain areas to unlock his full potential for impact and success. Through coaching, Brian was able to gain accurate perceptions of events, move away from taking comments directed toward him by his team as personal, and hold back from making reactive statements to events.


Brian set measurable goals to be a leader by focused on eliminating time wasted through anxiety driven thinking. His true measure of success was gauging his behavior through feedback from his managers, peers, and direct reports, assessments/comments from others both within and outside the organization, and being considered/offered advancement alternatives. These stakeholder inputs were indicators of considerable improvement in his emotional Self-Control. He used the 4-step cognitive framework to correct his distorted thinking and feel comfort in his own skin (for lack of a better term) and was thereby able to greatly improve his Emotional Self-Management. Brian became an even better leader who was very successful in massively increasing revenues for his company. He was able to form a vision for both his team and himself and employed his newly developed emotional skills to achieve a much higher position in the company with a considerably higher salary.

8 Modules – One Low Price…

The Emotion Mastery Coaching Program is delivered in 8 training modules containing all content and worksheets. Better still…

You don’t have to wait for us to drip feed out your classes week by week.

You get immediate access to the entire program so you can work at your own pace for the lifetime of this website. Here’s what you get:


The Emotional Leader Manual and Workbook

The Emotion Mastery program can be completed over 8 weeks or in your own time. You are provided my complete Emotional Leader Coaching manual for your own use, even though this manual has been prepared for use in my 6-month and year-long coaching programs. Therefore, some parts of the manual will not apply to this short course, but I am gifting you the material ($597 value) amongst other bonus resources for further learning (see 12 Free Bonuses $4,780 Value below).

The Emotional Leader Program Manual (676-page); including 218-page Workbook:

  • A Keynote Seminar outline, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and references
  • An advanced EI assessment process, including an employee motivational assessment for leaders
  • How-to guides for achieving a lasting positive change that stimulate clients to action
  • An outline that guides clients through creating individualized developmental plans
  • Menus of development exercises for each emotional skill measured by the MSCEIT, EQ-i, and Genos EI assessments.
  • Best-practice emotional leadership and Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder centered coaching processes
  • Detailed application of the eight Emotional Leadership Habits
  • Feedforward and feedback opportunities for clients through measurement of progress and evaluations.

The 676 page manual and workbook will be shipped to you in the mail as a physical package. It contains an overview of the program, guidelines for achieving a lasting positive change using the emotional leadership coaching process, details of the 8 emotional leadership habits modules, plus strategies and worksheets for developing you emotional skills.


Emotional Intelligence Measurement Plus Motivational Assessment and Reporting

The leader completes the MSCEIT™ performance test and EQ-i® and Genos EI self-report emotional intelligence tests plus the Genos Employee Motivation Assessment (GEMA). GEMA comprises a core list of individual motivational drives that helps individuals compare what they are motivated by in four areas with what they are actually experiencing within their Role, Manager, Team, and Organization and how to close gaps that might exist through an action-planning tool kit of ideas.

Clients will receive Personal Development Reports from the developers of each report. In addition, Dr. Gosling provides you a comprehensive written report summarizing the assessment findings and outlining development opportunities.


Keynote Seminar

The leader reviews a one-hour online video on the introduction to the coaching program, emotional intelligence constructs, and how emotion can influence intelligence to develop emotional intelligence practice.

Emotion Mastery provides you tips, tools, strategies, and resources that target emotional skills development for positive, measurable, long-term behavioural change. The program is structured on the EASEQuadrant, an evidenced-based best practices model of emotional leadership developed by Dr. Gosling, drawn from scientifically researched emotional intelligence (EI) constructs and cognitive-behavioural insights. Specifically, the coaching program covers: understanding emotional style, increasing emotional knowledge for use in problem solving and decision-making, improving mood and job performance, developing self-management, and communicating effectively for increased relationship satisfaction.


Client Assessment Interview and Reporting

The leader joins Dr. Gosling in a 1-Hour Client Assessment Interview conducted via Skype or telephone. In this interview the coach will go through the 3 emotional intelligence reports and motivational assessment to highlight client strengths and opportunities for emotional intelligence skills development and to answer questions.

Clients complete the following 8 Emotion Mastery Modules online at EmotionMatters.com over 8 weeks. Leaders may follow up with the coach with additional clarification and questions during the 4-hours of personal coaching we will conduct together over the duration of the course (see below).


Module #1: Recognize Emotion In Yourself and Others

Let’s take a look at your emotional landscape – How well are you in tune with your own emotions and how well do you relate to and adapt emotionally to your environment? The way you perceive things from here on depends upon what you do about what happens to you. We each have a perception about events that happen in our lives. Often, our business, professional or social partner has no idea that we have a different perception to them. We will explore your emotional brain and stress responses and explain the physical and psychological effects of stress felt in your body. You are provided with the Feedforward model for engaging your stakeholders.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Asking for Feedforward/Feedback takes courage.


Module #2: Express Emotion Using Your Emotional Style

Emotional expression is about being able to send emotional signals or express emotions in verbal and non-verbal ways and being able to match your words with appropriate facial expressions. People are watching you for signals all the time. When you let them know your emotions as well as your thoughts, people are more likely to trust you, even if your feelings are not what they hoped for. Discover your emotional style – how you process emotion. The way you react to feelings of stress (negative emotion) depends on whether you are more inclined by nature to be a fight (reactive) person or a flight (avoidant) person. The hardest thing to grasp when we aren’t aware of our emotional style and its role in our behavior, is the problem of blaming another for the way we feel. I help you deal with this annoying behavior once and for all.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Get to know and use your emotional style.


Module #3: Generate Emotion To Support Thinking

Knowledge of how emotions impact on different kinds of thinking is critical for mood/task matching. Thinking cannot and does not occur without emotion. Moods influence our judgments and decisions. The mood we are in influences how we persuade others. For example, when in a meeting you want buy-in to a decision it is better not to be too analytical. To begin a cognitive-behavioral explanation of the role of emotions in your well-being, you need to explore your “trigger” – the source of arousal. I provide a framework, called EAR-Identity, for exploring this aspect of your emotional skills. You will learn to tune into your physical sensations and develop your emotional imagination. I will teach you how to use the GAP – the space between event and response. – where you have the power to choose the behavior you want to be!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Know how your mood impacts on your body.


Module #4: Match Emotion To Problem Solve

To match the emotion of others is to be able to “flick-the-switch” and start empathizing. To empathize means you can generate a certain emotion and then compare and contrast its sensations with that of emotions being experienced by other people – a rare emotional skill used easily by very successful leaders. This module will show you how. Learn the helping model of communication skills, including active listening – Level, Listen, Validate – ineffective listening, reflection and clarifying. Drop the “YOU” word and practise XYZ of effective communication. Discover communication differences between men and women. Focus on the person and the problem will solve itself.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Communicate understanding of how others feel.


Module #5: Know Emotion To Communicate Awareness

The ability to understand emotions is the most cognitive, or thinking-related, emotional skill. And yet developing emotional knowledge is crucial to managing the emotions of others.So your ability to analyse blends (combinations) of emotions into their parts and, conversely, to assemble simple feelings together into complete emotions is an essential skill to have. Emotions are not static – no bad feeling lasts for ever. Emotional information can be learned – you are not stuck with what you were born with or have been conditioned with to date. The information you identify in a feeling tells you about the event that gave rise to that feeling. Knowing the cause of emotion allows you to choose to increase or moderate its effect (intensity) and leaves you better placed to communicate your improved emotional awareness.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Emotions contain important information.


Module #6: Predict Emotion Change

Your ability to predict emotion enables you to understand what events give rise to which emotions and how they progress over time. Predicting emotional information is crucial to being a successful emotional leader. Emotions combine and progress and change in intensity (chains) through individual and relationship transitions. An emotional chain describes when several emotions are experienced in succession as a response to an event. Learn how to know that another person is describing the same experience you describe using the same emotional language. Knowing how people will respond after an emotional event, using your ability to distinguish emotional arousal, empowers you to predict the change process they will flow through when aroused by negative change.

THE BOTTOM LINE: You make the change you experience extraordinary!


Module #7: Manage Emotion To Influence Others

To manage emotions of others, and influence them, you first must be able to manage your own emotions. This means having the ability to incorporate one’s feelings and the feelings of others into thinking. You have some negativity within you. In this module you will be challenged to recognize that you are today what you have chosen to be. You will learn the secrets of what makes an intimate special relationship. I explore the phenomenon of lowered self-esteem, how to challenge you “inner voice” and its negative messages, and deal with emotional constipation. I provide a 4-step cognitive framework to help you make right choices, raise your emotional health, and be a better leader.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Focus on opportunity and remember to follow up.


Module #8: Master Emotion To Enjoy Unlimited G.R.O.W.T.H.

This module is about building long-term trust through improved self and social management. Some of the topics are more akin to personal and private relationships and are included here as in my view, being a successful emotional leader applies equally in the home and community as much as it does in the workplace. We explore topics like the relationship cycle, developing trust, dealing with indifference, handling unmet expectations, and resolving resentments. You will develop emotion management strategies between you and others. The ability to manage emotions ultimately involves being open to what others are feeling and skilfully deploying your emotions to build relationships with staff, colleagues and clients. Situations where you need to inspire, give feedback, deal with conflict and criticism, handle and achieve change, and gain support, all hinge on skilled emotional relations, including good emotional self-control.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Master small changes to make a big difference.


Personal Coaching and Post-Program Feedforward.

Coaching is conducted in 4 x 1 hour sessions over 8 weeks once you have completed the emotional intelligence and motivational tests and we have completed our initial 1-hour client assessment interview.  Feedforward by follow-up email is provided throughout the coaching process. A 1-hour reinforcement session is the final part of your Emotion Mastery Coaching program and is to help you identify areas in which you may have improved or not improved your emotional intelligence and why.

You are required to critically evaluate your coach’s capacity to facilitate the key learning objectives for each module.

Once at the end of the Emotion Mastery program, many members will want to explore opportunities for ongoing mentoring and support and greater in-depth training about emotions and emotional intelligence and the important role they play in building successful leadership and relationships. As an Emotion Mastery Coaching member we give you a significant discount to enrol in higher level executive coaching, The Emotional Leader Program.

Plus Bonus Modules Included…

12 Bonus Training Modules on Game of Intimacy Coaching – If you’ve ever wanted to make your relationship work for you as a couple or self help program, Game of Intimacy will show you how in the quickest easiest way.
6 Bonus Training Modules on Adult ADD Mastery– Adult ADD people are very creative, very much out of the box thinkers, warm hearted, generous, intuitive and sensitive. But that intuition, that sensitive side of Adult ADDs, can also mean that they are very sensitive to criticism and to being put down and that can be problematic for them.
6 Bonus Training Modules on How To Handle Difficult People – Almost every family, every organization, has them – people whose behaviors impact on individuals and often ruin relationships. Perhaps there are people in your home or workplace with behaviors that upset you. On the other hand, you may recognize yourself in this module and start to realize how YOU drive other people crazy at work or at home.
5 Bonus Training Modules on Recognizing Depression – Depression is not the same thing as sadness, and it is rare for normal sadness to lead to depression. Normal sadness happens when you experience a loss of something that is valuable to you (eg you break up with a partner or your favorite wallet is stolen). The normal human response is grief, which can be very intense (painful) and may last for weeks or even months. But there is eventually a resolution, and the sadness is replaced with elevated and less painful feelings as the grief is processed.
8 Bonus Training Modules on Trauma of Betrayal –

  1. Discovering that your partner has been unfaithful in your relationship, even in just an emotional sense, can cause you to feel devastated.
  2. When the discovery is made, or your partner confesses to having been unfaithful, you feel shocked and devastated.  Even if you had some suspicion, when you are finally told you experience a trauma reaction.
  3. Typically, you enter a phase of shock and disbelief, and emotional pain that is so intense you wonder if you can ever recover from it.
  4. It takes at least six weeks for the trauma feelings to subside – possibly 10 to 12 weeks.
  5. If you experience infidelity and have made a decision to trust again, slowly you will rebuild your sandcastle of trust, one spade at a time.
The Member Forum is moderated by Dr. Mike & Karen Gosling. It is a great place to ask your questions, get help or advice and even to connect with members in your own group for sharing of information and support.
Our Extensive Online Resources Library is filled with Ask The Goslings Q&A, Counseling Case Studies, EmotionMatters Fact Sheets, emotional health reports and health practitioner interviews, live seminar streaming videos and audios, free e-books and member downloads, a glossary, and soon we’ll have a collection of webinars added.
The EmotionMatters Community is one of the strongest and most valuable areas of the website. You can even form your own groups with other members and meet up with like-minded people. Also join our Facebook Group – EmotionMatters Community for regular comments and updates.
Products by Dr. Mike & Karen Gosling – As a member of EmotionMatters Community, you receive 4 of our e-Books in PDF format free of charge. You can also purchase printed copies of our five books and order your hard copies of our 24 hour-long live seminar DVDs on Surviving Life Dramas, How To Handle Difficult Behavior and Adult ADD Healing.
Member Points – Because we really, really want you to be active in our community we even reward Members for your participation! The more active you are, the more points you get, and you have the opportunity to redeem your points for products, services and fun stuff! Once members reach a certain level of points you become eligible for rewards. Check your Member account for details.

“It’s so easy to change bad habits!”

WOW Mike! Every month I’m realizing how easy it is to change bad habits that I hadn’t realized had crept into my way of managing. Thank You!! Everything you said worked like a charm.

– Vice-President, Resource Company, Singapore.

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Bonus #1:

SLD EBook Plus 12 Streaming Videos

Surviving Life Dramas EBook PLUS 12 1-Hour Streaming Seminar Videos

No doctor or hospital can protect you against the physical effects of stress in your body – But YOU CAN!

Want a proven science-based self-improvement system that will heal the cause, not just the symptoms, of your emotional and physical pain?

Game of Intimacy Coaching combines the power of live video seminars with the power of our discussion forums to build a restored sense of wellness and energy to do the things you just love to do and be the person you want to be!


Bonus #2:

HDB EBook Plus 12 Streaming Videos

How To Handle Difficult Behavior EBook PLUS 12 1-Hour Streaming Seminar Videos

Announcing the brand new, 12 Part, Step By Step Video Course that shows you How To Handle Difficult People.

Finally, you too can use this easy to understand behavior blueprint to gain insight and education into several different personality styles and adults with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) … Starting Today!

Fortunately, we’ve figured out the most difficult people you will come across and provide extensive guidelines on how to handle them…so you don’t have to. We give you access to six content-packed videos that show you how to handle introverts versus extroverts, thinkers versus feelers, anxiety-based personalities, and the dreaded narcissists and sociopaths. Plus … you get six videos on how to identify, understand, and cope with Adult ADDs.


Bonus #3:

4 EBooks by Mike & Karen Gosling Plus 17 Other Free EBooks

4 FREE E-Books By Dr. Mike & Karen Gosling

  • EmotionMatters – How To Reduce Your Stress And Achieve Wellness
  • Surviving Life Dramas. How To Stop Whining And Start Living
  • How To Handle Difficult Behavior – And It May Be Your Own!
  • Emotional Leadership. Using Emotionally Intelligent Behavior To Enjoy A Life of EASE
$357(21 x $17)

Bonus #4:

Game of Intimacy Coaching

Discover How to Communicate Effectively, Achieve Intimacy, Be Authentic, and Build A Connected Relationship… We specialize in providing members with the tips, tools, strategies and resources they need to improve their emotional health and turn their dreams of successful relationships into a wonderful reality. $2,497

Bonus #5:

30 Day Romance Your Soulmate Program

Leverage Your Gifts, LIVE Your Purpose And Romance Your Soulmate In As Little As 60 Days. Imagine yourself in your ideal perfect relationship… You’re content in the world, feel confident as a person, have a partner, family and friends who love you, feel happy with the work that you do – paid or unpaid – and enjoy great emotional health. No hang ups, no hurts! You have no need of relationship help.You’re living your life’s purpose and wake up joyfully every day, grateful for what you have and accepting what you don’t have. And you’re meeting your partner’s needs for love and your partner is meeting yours.This ideal world is within your grasp. But somewhere you’ve taken a wrong turn, maybe made a bad decision or a hurtful comment, and now you’e feeling disconnected from your partner.We want you to be able to feel what it’s like to have a relationship that lights your fire … working with your partner to deepen your connection, communicating effectively and learning to meet your partner’s needs so that he or she can meet yours. $247

Bonus #6:

Adult ADD Mastery Program

What are the symptoms of Adult ADD? They feature differently than childhood ADD but some of you may not know the symptoms at all. Adult ADD people are very creative, very much out of the box thinkers, warm hearted, generous, intuitive and sensitive. But that intuition, that sensitive side of Adult ADDs, can also mean that they are very sensitive to criticism and to being put down and that can be problematic for them.In these six bonus modules we explain why Adult ADDs get very frustrated and we discuss the three core symptoms that give you the official label of ADD: distractibility, impulsiveness and restlessness.Finally, we explore the six types of ADD and help you discover if Adult ADD is genetic, before looking at how structure reduces ADD anxiety, coping with an Adult ADD spouse and celebrating the Adult ADD difference. $297

Bonus #7:

Difficult People Modules

Most of us think that all people see the world “the same way that I do”. This misinterpretation often leads to frustration and conflict and, because we operate differently to our partner or to people around us, we do get caught up in this conflict. We fight and become distressed so much about the differences that we lose sight of the things we actually still do have in common.In these six bonus modules on Difficult People, Karen talks about which style seems to dominate your personality and why it is also true that as we become older we moderate our style a little bit, so we never seem to behave when we are older how we behaved when we were younger.  $297

Bonus #8:

Recognising Depression Modules

Depression is not the same thing as sadness, and it is rare for normal sadness to lead to depression. Depression is an illness, not a character flaw or a weakness. If anything, it is the illness that makes you weak. Being depressed feels like being dragged into a pool of quicksand. But you can feel better than this. These 5 modules show you how. $297

Bonus #9:

Trauma of Betrayal Modules

Discovering that your partner has been unfaithful in your relationship, even in just an emotional sense, can cause you to feel devastated. Typically, you enter a phase of shock and disbelief, and emotional pain that is so intense you wonder if you can ever recover from it. The pain is physical, as with the discovery comes a realization of a very real threat – you and your life as you know it is threatened. Watch a complete set of 8 videos to help you survive unfaithfulness and reconnect with your betrayer. $297

Bonus #10:

Emotional Health Interviews

In these Emotional Health Interviews, Karen speaks with various medical and allied health practitioners and individuals on topics to do with improving emotional health.An experienced emotional brain theory and cognitive-behavioral counsellor, Karen has over 30 years international experience as an Author, Counselor, Adult ADD coach, and Mental Health Social Worker in hospital, community and private settings.  $297

Bonus #11:

EmotionMatters Resources Library

103 EmotionMatters Fact Sheets, 58 Ask The Goslings Q&A, 38 Counseling Case Studies, Special Reports Library, Glossary, EmotionMatters Blog, Relaxation Audios, Mike’s AsiaPacifc Kitchen Recipes, e-Changes! monthly newsletter.Complete our “Get-To-Know-You Questionnaire”. Leverage your relationship skills by giving us the knowledge and understanding we need about you so we can help you reengage in your relationship. You are assured of confidentiality and our personalized attention.  Priceless

Bonus #12:

Private Facebook Group

Access our private Facebook group where Karen and Mike visit daily and connect with new people in the EmotionMatters Community.Peer and expert mentoring. Priceless 
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