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The romance is back! This short module gives you an overview of the Romance your Soulmate model and the chemistry of attraction.

Romance Your Soulmate - Step 1 Flirting

Step 1: Flirting

This module covers in detail why relationships fail and how to love your partner in a way that is meaningful to him or her. Flirting is a really exciting time in any relationship. You show the very best of yourself to your partner and you see your partner through rose colored glasses. We know this fabulous time doesn’t last forever in a long-term relationship. However, this attraction is a very important part of getting to know you again in a disconnected relationship.

Romance Your Soulmate - Step 2 Back To Our Place

Step 2: Back To Our Place

OK, we’re moving into some unresolved issues here and we’re going back to our place to do some serious talking.

Never fear. This module shows you a communication model, how to communicate effectively, and how to listen and then respond properly. We have added a helping model of communication skills.

Romance Your Soulmate - Step 3 Courting

Step 3: Courting

In this module you get to reexamine what brought you together in the first place – what lit the flame between you? For example, your partner’s values, attitudes or the way you were treated then. Using the ‘relationship cycle’ discover why you feel so disconnected. Learn how men and women really are different in the way they communicate and about the things that turn them on.

Romance Your Soulmate - Step 4 Romance

Step 4: Romance

This module is designed to get you thinking about different things you could do to recreate intimacy with your partner. This may be emotional, intellectual, sexual, or recreational intimacy (doing things together for enjoyment). Be sure to use the 6 caring habits, rather than the 6 deadly habits to romance your soulmate.

Romance Your Soulmate - Step 5 Commitment

Step 5: Commitment

Now we’re talking choices and no-lose decisions.

In this module we build on your growing awareness of the importance of your input into the relationship instead of waiting for your partner to be different. Whilst mistakes can be made and partners often feel hurt, you can still make a choice to commit to the relationship and work to make it better.

Next Step – Moving On To Game of Intimacy Mastery

As a RYS member, you have quick access to upgrade from your completed the RYS program, which has been all about relationship help, to our higher level Game of Intimacy Mastery program, where we are sure you will be encouraged to do some further work on yourself! The is certainly about relationships also, but with a slightly different focus – it teaches you about YOU and how you operate within the relationship.