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Congratulations! Thank you for joining us in this Bonus Module: Surviving Life Dramas. How To Stop Whining and Start Living. Please note that these videos are the original full length videos which were subsequently split up into shorter videos that appear elsewhere in the Game of Intimacy program. The links are provided here for those of you who may want to watch each of the 12 live training seminars conducted by Expert Counselor Karen Gosling that accompany the EBook in their entirety.

Each streaming video is between 34-42 minutes long. If you prefer, you can click on the audio button under each video and listen to the seminar audio file. Please allow each video about 30 seconds to load. To view the videos – click the ‘Play’ icon on the video page. Oh – and one more thing. We’ve made each video ‘expandable’. That means you can click on the little icon on the bottom right hand corner of each video – and the video will expand and fill your whole screen!

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SLD1 – Surviving Personal Stress

Want to know how to manage your stress … And take control of your emotional health once and for all? In this video, you will learn nearly everything you need to know about managing stress so that it doesn’t impact on you for a minute longer than it has to. Karen is going to show you step by step exactly how you genuinely can take control of your emotional health once and for all … and how to overcome stress. Once you understand the process, managing stress becomes much easier – and it’s a skill you will use repeatedly for the rest of your life.

[Watch Here: Running Time: 37:45]


SLD2 – Surviving Emotional Style

Want to know how to deal with your anger or anxiety? This video covers how to manage your emotional style depending on whether you are a flight or a fight person. To get started on stress, there are two emotional styles you need to know about – avoidant and reactive – which describe how you process emotion. Let’s go through them right now! Regardless of your gender, you are more likely to display more of one style than the other.

[Watch Here: Running Time 37:45]


SLD3 – Surviving Sensitivity

Do you seem to always take things personally? If you are interested in finding out why then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever watched. This amazing seminar training covers nearly everything you need to know about being a highly sensitive person (HSP). Yes! HSP’s really do exist – And the author, Expert Counselor Karen Gosling, is one of them! The strategies in this seminar have helped her, and others like her, enormously over the years.

[Watch Here: Running Time 37:45]


SLD4 – Surviving Indifference

Are you ready to learn right now how to survive indifference in your relationship? Watch and listen to this seminar carefully to learn how to reengage and give up living like housemates. Because what Expert Counselor Karen Gosling shares with you will literally turn around your ability to regain intimacy with your partner … where you take control and feel connected! If you are interested in stopping the “housemate syndrome” … then this is going to be the most exciting video you’ve ever watched.

[Watch Here: Running Time 37:45]


SLD5 – Surviving Emotional Pain

Want to learn to resolve resentments and move on? Want to deal with emotional pain right now? What Expert Counselor Karen shares with you in this video will literally turn around your ability to calm down after a conflict … where you take control and no longer dwell on things! Are you sick of dwelling on things that have happened in the past and get upset over and over again? If you are interested in resolving resentments from the past and moving on in your relationship … then this training covers nearly everything you need to know about reducing pain (stress) that arises from emotional wounds.

[Watch Here: Running Time 37:45]


SLD6 – Surviving Hostility

Want to make the pain of emotional hurts go away? In this video, Karen shows you how to turn around your ability to deal with disappointment, irritability and resentment. Imagine being able to understand and have control over your negative feelings. How would it feel if you could manage your expectations better? Imagine being able to stop blaming others for making you feel hurt. It truly is possible, but you need to know how. Want to be less irritable and annoyed at other people all the time? Karen teaches how to change your ability to deal with unmet expectations.

[Watch Here: Running Time 37:45]


SLD7 – Surviving Gender Difference

Imagine being able to finally “get” how your partner works. Wouldn’t that be great? Or what about if you could understand why they do what they do? Imagine being able to pre-empt what your partner is thinking. It truly is possible, but you need to know how. In this video Karen speaks about how to deal with gender differences in relationships. It often feels as if men and women do come from different planets. So much conflict arises in relationships because of the differences in the way men and women communicate. Watch this video to finally “get” how your partner works.

[Watch Here: Running Time 37:45]


SLD8 – Surviving Miscommunication

Would knowing how to communicate effectively with your partner help you reconnect? Want to learn how to give and receive love? In this video training Karen helps you understand more about how to manage your miscommunication. She sets out the five different ways in which people have their need for love met, so you can choose your primary love language. Ineffective communication is the major reason for relationship breakdown. Karen explains how we feel by attacking the other person. For example, “You infuriate me.” Learn how to describe how you feel without doing any damage and how to speak your partner’s love language.

[Watch Here: Running Time 28:19]


SLD9 – Surviving Your Depression

Would knowing how to improve your mood raise your emotional well-being? In this video Karen Gosling helps you to recognize the symptoms of depression and take control. She explores the myths of medication. Do you recognize that the way you think and feel is not the normal you? Have you struggled to get back to “steady” but still feel down or panicky most of the time? Do you say to yourself, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me” or “I hate feeling like this.” Then this video is for you.

[Watch Here: Running Time 37:45]


SLD10 – Surviving Low Self-Esteem

Are you sick of doubting yourself or feeling worried about others judging you? Are you often indecisive about what to eat or even what to wear? You’ve probably got a loud inner voice. In this video you will learn to recognize it and how to deal with it. In this video Karen helps you improve your self-esteem. She reveals how to challenge the inner voice. Once you catch the message and challenge it, you can see that the message is inaccurate or irrational, or at best, completely exaggerated.

[Watch Here: Running Time 28:19]


SLD11 – Surviving Unfaithfulness

Learn strategies on how to start reconnecting after the trauma of infidelity. In this video, Karen guides you on how to think rationally about the next step; simple ways to reduce your physical reactions; several proven steps to get through this initial stage; keys to see your partners perspective; and the hidden truth behind why people break up when they don’t need to. Is the constant question on your mind – “Should we split up?” You fear you will never get over the pain of infidelity even if you want to. Watch and learn simple ways to reduce your physical reactions, how to think rationally about the next step, and learn the reasons why people usually break up – but you don’t need to. You can survive this horrible experience.

[Watch Here: Running Time 37:45]


SLD12 – Surviving Suspicion

Learning to trust again following unfaithfulness is a difficult process. But it is possible if staying together is what you decide to do. In this video, Karen helps you to take the first step. She covers nearly everything you need to know about recovering from the pain of betrayal, including being able to believe in your partner again. Wouldn’t that be great? What about if you could go one day without suspicion? How would that feel if you could do this? Imagine being able to push aside fearful thoughts.

[Watch Here: Running Time 37:45]

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